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ULTIGRAPH 2021 Submission, 
Medan, 2020

ULTIGRAPH 2021 Submission: About

Transporting in Time
(1st Prize)

In the modern times, cars and motorcycles have overtaken the traditional labour of driving rickshaw or locally known as becak. While these rickshaw drivers are mostly elder-aged who depend on this engine for their livelihood, the change mode of transportation has brought these drivers into a dying trade industry.

While at the same time, there are interesting stories shared from one generation to another about their experience travelling on this antique transportation, and how conversations are built with the driver and fellow riders. Beyond the conventional factor, becak has its own entertaining and vintage feel to the district, building the heritage within the city.

ULTIGRAPH 2021 Submission: Welcome
Antonius_Transporting in Time.jpg
ULTIGRAPH 2021 Submission: Welcome
Antonius_What the Space Holds.jpg

What The Space Holds
(2nd Prize)

It was a lonely afternoon when the sun shines through the openings within the buildings. With the frame of the building, it casts a sombre atmosphere into the space.

What used to be a bustling space where services were on the heat, the sudden halt turned all these places into an abandoned relic.

The lights and fans marks the remnants of human presence within the vicinity.

ULTIGRAPH 2021 Submission: Welcome
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